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EA-11A01 Medical First Aid Rescue Stretcher Full Body Vacuum Mattress


The Full-Body Vacuum Mattress immobilizes the patient in a secure position as it conforms to any body shape. WANROOEMED emergency vacuum mattress adopt multiple-cavity immobility technology which make beads uniform distribution and fix the patient body fastly according to patient shape. Multi-fixation points for more safe, convenient transportion.


1.The Fast-shaping-System
It keeps the internal polystyrene beads in their correct position and eliminates the need for difficult and time consuming manual spreading of the beads. 
This enables fast, safe and easy application in all situations, simple handling and lowest possible weight and size for easy transportation and storage. 
2.Outer shell made of medical TPU 
To achieve outstanding durability, abrasion resistance, tightness, easy clean up and comfort for the patient, we adopt medical TPU, durable, no retardarce, no hot pressing connection. Pallmann vacuum mattress is possible to use in a wide temperature range, from +80°C to -40°C.
3.Hot insulation: good seam without heat lost.
4.Innovative vacuum head pad and back fixation mattress fix the patient furtherly to make sure the transfer safety. 
5.Adjustable Handles and straps system
The user can fix the position freely of straps and handles as needed.
6.High quality vacuum valve
It closes automatically when suction stops preventing loss of vacuum if slipping with the pump. The vacuum state in -0.1Mpa~-0.05Mpa 72 hours or above under atmospheric pressure without leakage.
7.X-ray-, CT-, and MRI-compatible
All material absolute insulation, which allow X-ray-, CT-, and MRI examination.

Application range:
The vacuum mattress is used for traffic accident, army, airport, marine rescue to fix body parts(head, neck,limbs, truck, spine etc ), avoiding second injuries, It specially prevent fracture break end from stabbing muscle, nerve, blood vessel, organ.

Head section/middle part/ foot section width: 800mm/880mm/800mm

Length: 2000mm


WANROOEMED All-In-One Vacuum Mattress provides immobilisation of casualties in cases of suspected vertebra, pelvis or limb trauma.

Extracting air from the mattress forces it to become hard and mould around the patient allowing full body immobilisation without pressure points, increasing comfort and reducing the risk of additional trauma.

The underside of the WANROOEMED Vacuum Mattress has 12 carry handles and contains three fire-retardant layers for extra protection against punctures.

The mattress has a load capacity of up to 220 kg, X-ray translucent and easy to clean. Supplied carry bag,and pump.

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