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EA-11B Hospital Ambulance Emergency Rescue Vacuum Splint Sets

Vacuum Splint Sets EA-11B

EA-11B series Vacuum Splint Sets (for body, thigh, forearm ,neck, Joint, long arm and Pump)

EA-11B series Vacuum Splint Setsadopts vacuum forming principle of the air out of the air to form a rigid body of fixed shape.The whole sets have included full parts of body injured, so this products can immobilized the different parts of whole body such as Body, full arm/leg ,half arm/leg, joint position, and neck which is used in industrial injuries, traffic accidents and other emergency situations which need to be treated immediately, and to avoid losing time to cure, and secondary injury. And color and size can be customized.

 1.Exported fluorescent material 
  2.Adopt international Robust welding 
  3.Does not affect the X-ray and MRI inspection 
  4.After inflation can be used as buoyant pad /device
  5.The vacuum state in 0.3-0.5Mpa 24 hours under atmospheric pressure without leakage equipping with air pump and a portable package

Technical Info:

ModelOpen SizeFolded SizeSelf WeightLoad LimitPacking
EA-11B--5 kg159kg155x 33 x 31cm5.5kg

WANROOEMED also delivers improved fixation of upper back, neck and head by reinforced base plate that cover all of cervical spine. This together with the cross fixation restraint system provides efficient and effective immobilisation.

WANROOEMED All-In-One Vacuum Mattress provides immobilisation of casualties in cases of suspected vertebra, pelvis or limb trauma.

Extracting air from the mattress forces it to become hard and mould around the patient allowing full body immobilisation without pressure points, increasing comfort and reducing the risk of additional trauma.

The underside of the WANROOEMED Vacuum Mattress has 12 carry handles and contains three fire-retardant layers for extra protection against punctures.

The mattress has a load capacity of up to 220 kg, X-ray translucent and easy to clean. Supplied carry bag,and pump.

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